Top Wedding Reception Planning Tips

Are you planning an upcoming wedding, but you aren’t sure where to start? One of the most important aspects of the event is the reception. This is where the two families and all their friends can come together to celebrate! Receptions are typically held after the completion of the marriage ceremony, and it is customary to share a meal, give speeches, dance together, and enjoy hosting your first event as a married couple!


Here are some of our top wedding reception planning tips of 2017:

1.    Set the date of the ceremony and reception
2.    Create a budget (consider how many guests, the venue rental fee, cost of meals and beverages, decorations, favors, etc.)
3.    Decide on the venue (is it inside or outside, how many people can fit, which day of the week is best)
4.    Consider whether you’d like to be announced as you enter the reception (will the band or DJ announce you and your wedding party as you enter?)
5.    Decide on when to have toasts (planning to keep them short is best so your guests don’t become restless)
6.    Determine when you would like to have the father-daughter dance and the couple’s first dance (be sure to have the songs lined up for the DJ or band to play)
7.    Organize photography for the reception (do you want guests to take photos, too?)
8.    Make a seating arrangement (place people who know each other together)
9.    Plan a menu that everyone loves (consider late-night snacks and vegetarian and gluten-free options)
10.    Choose the wedding cake and plan the cake cutting ceremony (have your photographer ready to capture the moment!)
11.    Plan party favors
12.    Send invites (typically at least 3 months ahead of time, and “save the dates” should be 6-8 months prior)


Flawless, Perfect & Romantic

Planning a wedding can be tough. It’s hard to know all the work that goes into planning each detail until you’ve experienced it yourself, but take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Visiting local wedding shows and fairs can help you to get ideas! Also, our wedding planners can help you to collect your ideas and make sure everything is carried out flawlessly. We are here to make your special day absolutely perfect and unforgettable!

New Wedding Reception Trends

Wedding receptions can be traditional, or they can be full of unique twists and surprises! There’s no written rule that every part of your wedding has to be traditional, including the flowers, décor, food, cake, and more. Nowadays, wedding receptions are more different than ever … in a good way.

You probably remember seeing photos of your parents’ wedding. They likely had classic cars pulled up in front of the church with tin cans hanging from the rear bumper and a sign reading, “Just Got Married.” Your mom probably tossed her bouquet to her girlfriends, and the newlyweds likely cut their beautiful, three-tier cake boasting the traditional cake toppers.

The best part about weddings is that you can make yours as unique or traditional as you want. You can incorporate old traditions along with newer ones, or make it completely your own. Nowadays at wedding receptions, you might see a dessert bar full of cookies or cupcakes; a colorful candy bar; or an unfrosted (naked) wedding cake.

As for the decorations, you might not even see flowers at all. You might see rustic décor that’s on the more casual side, décor to match the theme of the wedding, balloons, and more. New reception trends are taking over the wedding industry by storm.

Other trend you might consider for your wedding reception include:

-Rectangular tables instead of round tables

-Terrarium centerpieces

-A lounge area

-Non-traditional dinner choices (food trucks)


You also may see more people making use of vertical space in the following ways:

-Hanging flowers

-Vertical photo booths

-High photo backdrops

-Hanging lights


No matter what new trends you tie into your big day, make sure you celebrate with the team from Classics V Banquet & Conference Center in Amherst, NY.

Picking the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Reception

Picking the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Reception

So you're engaged & happy to begin this wedding planning journey with your new fiancé.  If you’re having trouble deciding where to begin, wedding conventions are a good place to start.  Eventually, you will need to decide if your wedding & reception will be at the same venue, or if you will be searching for more than one.  How do you know when you've found the venue that's right for you? 

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Planning a Wedding Reception: What’s It Going to Cost?

Before planning of any party or event takes place, the two most important things to figure out first are the date of the event and the budget. The same holds true when it comes to weddings and their receptions. Whether you are going to pick a venue, cake, themes etc., the first questions that businesses are going to ask you are going to be the date and how much you are looking to spend. Deciding on a budget for your wedding can be stressful and confusing. You might be thinking about how much you should spend on your wedding or how much is too much. Classics Five is here to help and we can give you some facts and tips to help you plan your special day!

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Tips to Avoid Overspending on Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can run the emotional gamut; from exciting and fun, to stressful and overwhelming. Usually, as the costs start adding up, so does the stress. Overspending on weddings can be easy to do, but there are also ways to cut back.

Not overspending on your wedding can even help reduce stress further into your marriage, leaving you with smaller bills to pay down the line. It can also allow you to spend more on that honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of.

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The Three E’s: Points to consider when looking for a wedding photographer

It’s 2015 and digital cameras are more affordable than ever. More and more people are buying cameras that are more than just small point and shoots, especially since most smart phones are on the same level as point and shoot cameras. Because of this, many people may consider themselves photographers. But that doesn’t mean you should hire just anyone to be your photographer on your wedding day.

There are many specifics you should iron out before making your final choice, but there are three E’s you can look for up front to help you determine if a photographer is good option for your big day: Experience, Equipment and Expected Products.

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Location, Location, Location; Classics Five is an ideal spot to host your wedding reception

Location isn’t only important when you’re buying a house, it matters when you’re having an event, too. Especially a wedding! Classics Five’s premier location and facilities make things simpler for you on the big day.

Convenient for Out-Of-Town Guests

Centrally located on Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst, NY, Classics Five has more than 15 hotels within three miles and is only 15 minutes from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The Ramada Inn of Amherst even offers free shuttle service to and from our venue and the airport.

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Wedding Tunes: DJ or Band?

Music is key to any wedding reception, and choosing the right entertainer can be a tricky decision. But before you start shopping, it is important to first determine what type of entertainment to shop for: a band or a DJ?

Sometimes the decision can be an easy one and the bride and groom just know what they want and both agree on it. But it’s not always that simple, so here are some points to consider:

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Plates or Trays?

Plates or Trays?

You’ve already spent countless hours planning your special day. All the table centerpieces have been constructed, and you’ve even instructed the DJ to play all your favorite Kool & The Gang songs. Your wedding is primed to become an event for the ages!

However, before you go strapping on those dancing shoes, there are a few matters you may first want to consider. For instance, how are you going to feed all the guests at your reception? You could pick up Slurpees and hot dogs at a 7-Eleven after you say your vows, but that may clash with the shabby chic aesthetic you’ve already established.

In most cases, brides and grooms throughout Buffalo, NY opt to offer plated meals or buffet stations at their wedding reception hall. If you’re having trouble deciding which route may best serve your needs, you’re certainly in luck. Take a look at the following section to gain further insight into these wedding meals.

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Not Sure If You Want A Saturday Night Wedding Reception?

Not Sure If You Want A Saturday Night Wedding Reception?

Recently, many brides and grooms have been choosing to hold their wedding reception after nightfall, oftentimes on Friday or Sunday evenings. Inversely, more traditional couples have continued to set the date on a lovely Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Both of these itineraries have led to some truly memorable celebrations and each offer a pretty significant upside. If you’ve been having trouble making the right call, browse the following text, and learn which wedding reception schedule might best suit your sensibilities.

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