Wedding Tunes: DJ or Band?

Music is key to any wedding reception, and choosing the right entertainer can be a tricky decision. But before you start shopping, it is important to first determine what type of entertainment to shop for: a band or a DJ?

Sometimes the decision can be an easy one and the bride and groom just know what they want and both agree on it. But it’s not always that simple, so here are some points to consider:


One of the biggest concerns for couples planning their wedding is usually the budget. Generally, a DJ will be less expensive than a band and obviously a three piece band will usually be less than say, a ten piece band since there are more people. The amount of playing time will also play a role. Remember it is easier for a DJ to take a break than it is for a band.

Types of Music Desired

No matter how great a band may be, they won’t have the range of music that a DJ will. That being said, if everyone loves country music, a good country band can be the perfect fit. Of course some bands will be able to play a wide variety of music, but that amazing 12-piece big band may not know how to play Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What.”

Your Venue

Another thing to consider is the size of your venue and how many people you are planning on being in attendance. If you are having a large number of people and will be approaching the capacity for the venue, any extra space that a band may need might have to go toward an extra table instead. Most DJs only need room for a table and a couple of speakers. When looking at your venue, ask where a band would usually set up and how well it worked. Remember the venue coordinator does this all the time so they will be able to help you answer a lot of your questions.

Either Way

Regardless of which of you choose, band or DJ, it’s a good idea to get a feel for their abilities first. Even though a DJ isn’t performing the music, they are still performing. Make sure they are good with their audience and aren’t afraid to interact with people. It is completely okay to ask for a video of a past performance. You can also ask friends for suggestions or look for reviews on the internet. Also make sure you pay attention the next time you see a DJ somewhere, if you like what you see, get a business card.

Obviously you want to make sure you like the sound of a band, but you want to look for the ability to work a crowd from the band leader as well.