Plates or Trays?


You’ve already spent countless hours planning your special day. All the table centerpieces have been constructed, and you’ve even instructed the DJ to play all your favorite Kool & The Gang songs. Your wedding is primed to become an event for the ages!

However, before you go strapping on those dancing shoes, there are a few matters you may first want to consider. For instance, how are you going to feed all the guests at your reception? You could pick up Slurpees and hot dogs at a 7-Eleven after you say your vows, but that may clash with the shabby chic aesthetic you’ve already established.

In most cases, brides and grooms throughout Buffalo, NY opt to offer plated meals or buffet stations at their wedding reception hall. If you’re having trouble deciding which route may best serve your needs, you’re certainly in luck. Take a look at the following section to gain further insight into these wedding meals.

Plated Meals

If you’re attempting to plan a formal or traditional wedding, you may want to take the plated route. Plated meals can impart a heightened sense of class upon most special events.

In many instances, guests like being waited on. With the assistance of a talented kitchen and wait staff, attendees won’t have to worry about struggling back to their table with armfuls of food.

If you’d like to have guests choose from a variety of dishes and have seconds if they’d like, a buffet style may be best for you.


Buffet Style

There are a number of advantages which come along with wedding buffets. A well-stocked buffet will provide guests with a greater variety of dishes to choose from, and allow them to control their portions and have seconds if they’d like

Buffets are easy to plan and execute. With plated meals, the bride and groom are forced to wait for dinner replies from each invited guest. By curating your own buffet, you immediately eliminate this painstaking step and can have more options for your guests.


Food Stations

If you’re planning a more casual wedding, you should consider selecting food stations for the big day. Food stations create a more laid back atmosphere and provide enjoyable dinner options for your attendees. If you choose to have food stations, you are sure to please your guests with a variety of cuisines.


If you’re planning a wedding throughout the greater Buffalo, NY region, it may be time you spoke with one of the friendly representatives at Classics V Banquets. These knowledgeable professionals can help you select the perfect meal to go along with your lovely wedding reception. With the assistance of Classics V, couples always gain peace of mind.