Small and Intimate Wedding Receptions

Don’t want to invite the whole neighborhood to your special day? If it’s more your style to keep your ceremony and reception simple and intimate, we’ve got some ideas for you!  Catering to fewer guests allows you to pay more attention to detail, have more control, and maybe try something new and exciting!


Decor & Favors

Spend a little extra time on your wedding reception décor and favors for your guests. With fewer guests, you can take the time to put your personal touch on every detail of the day.

Personalize Each Dish

Is your cousin a vegetarian? Is your uncle allergic to onions? Hosting a small wedding reception allows you to cater to your guest’s needs and desires.

Time Well Spent

Take the time to spend a moment, or a few moments, with each guest individually. Instead of running around trying to make sure you say “hi” to your Grandma’s friends from the senior-center, you’ll be able to enjoy your day with the ones you love.

Save Money

Everyone loves to save money. Wedding expenses can add up, why not enjoy your day and protect your wallet?


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