Top Wedding Reception Planning Tips

Are you planning an upcoming wedding, but you aren’t sure where to start? One of the most important aspects of the event is the reception. This is where the two families and all their friends can come together to celebrate! Receptions are typically held after the completion of the marriage ceremony, and it is customary to share a meal, give speeches, dance together, and enjoy hosting your first event as a married couple!


Here are some of our top wedding reception planning tips of 2017:

1.    Set the date of the ceremony and reception
2.    Create a budget (consider how many guests, the venue rental fee, cost of meals and beverages, decorations, favors, etc.)
3.    Decide on the venue (is it inside or outside, how many people can fit, which day of the week is best)
4.    Consider whether you’d like to be announced as you enter the reception (will the band or DJ announce you and your wedding party as you enter?)
5.    Decide on when to have toasts (planning to keep them short is best so your guests don’t become restless)
6.    Determine when you would like to have the father-daughter dance and the couple’s first dance (be sure to have the songs lined up for the DJ or band to play)
7.    Organize photography for the reception (do you want guests to take photos, too?)
8.    Make a seating arrangement (place people who know each other together)
9.    Plan a menu that everyone loves (consider late-night snacks and vegetarian and gluten-free options)
10.    Choose the wedding cake and plan the cake cutting ceremony (have your photographer ready to capture the moment!)
11.    Plan party favors
12.    Send invites (typically at least 3 months ahead of time, and “save the dates” should be 6-8 months prior)


Flawless, Perfect & Romantic

Planning a wedding can be tough. It’s hard to know all the work that goes into planning each detail until you’ve experienced it yourself, but take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Visiting local wedding shows and fairs can help you to get ideas! Also, our wedding planners can help you to collect your ideas and make sure everything is carried out flawlessly. We are here to make your special day absolutely perfect and unforgettable!