The Three E’s: Points to consider when looking for a wedding photographer

It’s 2015 and digital cameras are more affordable than ever. More and more people are buying cameras that are more than just small point and shoots, especially since most smart phones are on the same level as point and shoot cameras. Because of this, many people may consider themselves photographers. But that doesn’t mean you should hire just anyone to be your photographer on your wedding day.

There are many specifics you should iron out before making your final choice, but there are three E’s you can look for up front to help you determine if a photographer is good option for your big day: Experience, Equipment and Expected Products.


We all have that friend who bought a nice new camera and offers to photograph your wedding for free, so they can get some experience. This is nice and can be a great way to get some additional photos of your wedding reception, but you should still plan on hiring someone who already has experience with weddings, not just experience with photography. Check out the websites of any potential photographers and look for a wedding gallery. Is it all one wedding or does it seem like they have done several? If you see a variety of shots you like from multiple weddings, chances are you have found a decent candidate who is worth a phone call.


Many photographers will list what type of camera, lenses and flashes they use on their website, but if not you should definitely ask them when you contact them. A good photographer will use a professional quality camera from one of the major companies. If you need to, a quick internet search will give you an idea of good professional cameras. A variety of lenses and off-camera flashes and lighting options should also be part of their equipment.

Expected Products:

It is also important to know what you want for final products. Do you want just digital copies, lots of prints or a beautiful album with images printed right on the pages? Whichever it is, make sure they have the capability to do it and ask to see some examples.

Of course there are plenty of other details you’ll want to hammer out before signing the contract (make sure you have a signed contract), such as the time spent shooting, locations for photos after the ceremony, turnaround times on proofs and the final products; but these three E’s are great first steps toward finding the perfect person to capture all of the important moments on your wedding day.