New Wedding Reception Trends

Wedding receptions can be traditional, or they can be full of unique twists and surprises! There’s no written rule that every part of your wedding has to be traditional, including the flowers, décor, food, cake, and more. Nowadays, wedding receptions are more different than ever … in a good way.

You probably remember seeing photos of your parents’ wedding. They likely had classic cars pulled up in front of the church with tin cans hanging from the rear bumper and a sign reading, “Just Got Married.” Your mom probably tossed her bouquet to her girlfriends, and the newlyweds likely cut their beautiful, three-tier cake boasting the traditional cake toppers.

The best part about weddings is that you can make yours as unique or traditional as you want. You can incorporate old traditions along with newer ones, or make it completely your own. Nowadays at wedding receptions, you might see a dessert bar full of cookies or cupcakes; a colorful candy bar; or an unfrosted (naked) wedding cake.

As for the decorations, you might not even see flowers at all. You might see rustic décor that’s on the more casual side, décor to match the theme of the wedding, balloons, and more. New reception trends are taking over the wedding industry by storm.

Other trend you might consider for your wedding reception include:

-Rectangular tables instead of round tables

-Terrarium centerpieces

-A lounge area

-Non-traditional dinner choices (food trucks)


You also may see more people making use of vertical space in the following ways:

-Hanging flowers

-Vertical photo booths

-High photo backdrops

-Hanging lights


No matter what new trends you tie into your big day, make sure you celebrate with the team from Classics V Banquet & Conference Center in Amherst, NY.